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We are SO excited that you have found us.

We would love for you to plan to join us. Just jump in and get familiar with our website. There are many, many fun treats on this website so you can become familiar with what we do here. Also, mark your calendar to join us at each Black Expo–they are a blast! See ya there!

MISSION: The mission of the Black Expo is to promote economic development through increased exposure for minority-owned businesses. African-American owned businesses have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the public and procurement officers from major corporations and government entities. It is also an opportunity for major corporations and government entities to develop viable working relationships with minority-owned businesses while marketing their products and services to a growing consumer market.

The Expo is also a forum to educate, enlighten and inspire the entire community and the African-American community in particular. Aside from economic development, exposure to cultural resources is a part of the focus for this event.

PURPOSEThe purpose of the Economic Empowerment Weekend will provide an uninterrupted platform to educate, enlighten and empower the community. We are committed to remain focused on the established framework of our Black Expo history. The Economic Empowerment Weekend promises to promote economic development and increase exposure for minority owned businesses. Major corporations along with government entities will share procurement standards and opportunities for business development. The “Empowerment” experience will highlight five pillars of economic growth and areas of sustainability: Education, Health, Jobs, Entrepreneurship, and Wealth Creation. All pillars of empowerment are critical to the economic growth of our community and our State.

FOCUS: The Empowerment Weekend is designed to focus on the 5 Pillars of Economic Empowerment:

Education: Focus on Preparation for higher education and STEM opportunities.

Health: Focus reducing health disparities that negatively impact the minority and low-income communities. Healthy communities make for better economic decisions.

Jobs: Focusing on long-term economic development with sustained employment and the elimination of the many barriers to employment.

Entrepreneurship: Focusing on the fundamentals of successful business creation and growth.

Wealth Creation: Focusing on the elimination of the wealth gap. Financial Literacy for all ages.

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